Weekly Roundup 6-19.

Some observations as this wacky week comes to a close:

1)After the Horrific Orlando shootings, Hillary Clinton comes out to clamor for an assault weapons ban. As that has a fat chance of passing, she has resorted back to a prohibition of weapons for citizens on the “no-fly list”. Not only has the ACLU denounced that possibility, but who actually believes that more bureaucratic layering will increase efficiency and decrease crime?

Every mass shooting in the past 50 years except three have occurred in a gun-free  zone. The gun debate always drives people up a wall, because nobody knows the proper statistics. More guns=less crime. Period. I also want to note the hypocrisy of Obama’s State Dept. being the largest arms supplier in the world, yet a call for disarming citizens seems to be the be all-end all.

2) Russia is kicking ass, using GMO’s as their weapon of choice. Their agricultural output surpassed their arms production in 2015, which clearly says something about the path Russia is forging. These Hollywood Latte-lapping Liberals enact lawsuits if they even see a food source containing GMOS, yet the Russians thrive off of our inferiority complex. There is no question that GMOS are the future of food production, as without them the developing world will literally starve. President Obama is more concerned with his boys in Monsanto, signing bills for the chrony corporate monolith leyyft and rioooooght(australian accent).

3) Bitcoin! The fetishized crypto currency continues its ascent to the moonhitting $780 this week. Up nearly 30% this month and almost 100% in the past 6 months, Bitcoin continues to crush all other commodities not inflated by the federal reserve (cough, cough, housing and stock market.) There is talk about negative interest rates by miss ogre herself, Janet Yellen, which means that more money would injected into the economy at zero interest and consumers will lose more of their purchasing power. With the abysmal job report and abused and misused CPI (inflation index), the best bet is to grab yer guns and buy hard assets competing against the dollar.

4) I wonder what goes through Queen Elizabeth’s head while peering through the stain glass windows of her Royal palace, observing the chaos ensuing around her fortress. Brexit is set to be voted upon this Wednesday, so the state run media stenographers must use their most prolific doublespeak to commandeer an election. With the murder of Parliamentary member Jo Cox by a mental patient, emotionally driven voters have moved regrettably to the “remain” side of staying in the European Union. Localization is always the best bet, so by all means, secede Mother England!

5) Gary Johnson has been running an absolute gravy train through the corporate media, appearing on more T.V. shows than Steve Harvey does in his dreams. This is the attention Libertarians need, as Mitt Romney and John Kasich (how is he not a HS football coach?) have hinted towards supporting the Johnson/Weld ticket. We aren’t even close to smelling the free love provocateurs at the Democratic Convention in July, so there is more than enough time for the now drug free Gary Johnson to get 15% across multiple ballots and be included in the debates.

Stay Thirsty





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